Town of Monument Development Projects

Applications for land development proposals are submitted to the Planning Department for review with Town Code, Chapter 18, Land Development Code, Zoning, the Comprehensive Plan and other technical specifications. Plans typically go through multiple review cycles before moving forward to the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees for final action.

The below is a list of projects currently under review. The documents for each project are linked to Documents on Demand in the Monument Development Projects folder.  To comment on a project, please contact the case planner or email the town planning staff at For information on the development review process please visit the Development Process page.

Conexus Phases 2 & 3 Preliminary PUD Plan

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Plans submitted 11/19/21 and currently in review.

Conexus, LLC is requesting approval of a Preliminary PUD Plan for Conexus Business Park Phases 2 & 3, for a planned mixed-use development with a variety of light industrial, commercial, civic, office, residential, and open space uses on 145.88 acres of land located west of I-25 and east of Old Denver Road in the Town of Monument.

DA.42-2021 Conexus Phases 2 & 3 Preliminary PUD Plan (Documents on Demand access)

DA.31-2021 Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Plans submitted 11/9/21 and currently in review.

The applicant is requesting approval for Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD Plan. Quick Quack Car Wash is an automatic car wash facility with 18 stacking spots for the carwash and 17 vacuum stalls. The hours of operation of this facility will be Monday through Sunday 7 am to 7 pm during normal business hours and 7 am to 9 pm during the Summer. The construction timeframe would be Winter to Spring 2022. The 1.36-acre site is located along the east side of Struthers Road within the Monument Ridge Subdivision.

DA.31-2021 Quick Quack Car Wash Final PUD (Documents on Demand access)
DA.39-2021 Monument Junction West Filing No. 1

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II-Plans submitted 10.21.21 and currently in review.

Classic Homes requests approval of a Preliminary/Final Plat for Monument Junction West Filing No. 1, which comprises of 44.140 acres west of Jackson Creek Parkway. I-25 is situated to the west of the site, with the off-ramp onto SH 105 forming the western boundary. Jackson Creek Parkway forms the eastern boundary of Monument Junction West Filing No. 1 area. The Plat will subdivide the property into six lots and three tracts for future development. The uses will be consistent with the approved Sketch PD Pan, which include commercial, office, service, and residential uses.

 DA.39-2021Monument Junction West Filing No. 1 (Documents on Demand access)

DA.37-2021 Native Sun Construction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan
DA.38-2021 Native Sun Construction Final Plat

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II- Plans submitted 10/12/21 and currently in review.  

Native Sun Construction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan is Phase 1 (7.36 acres) of an overall two phase project. It will consist of a 7,000 sf office building and associated parking and construction yard with a 6,120 sf shop. Phase 2 will be located on a 3.33 acre lot . It will remain vacant until Phase 2 is initiated. No timetable has been determined for Phase 2, which will consist of an approximately 10-12,000 sf office building. Native Sun Construction site is located south of the Baptist Road/Forest Lakes Drive/Woodcarver Road roundabout, west of the proposed Falcon Commerce Center and north of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad right‐of‐way.

Native Sun Construction Preliminary/Final PUD Plan (Documents on Demand access)
DA.36-2021 Quick Trip Final Plat
DA.35-2021 Quick Trip Final PUD Plan
Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II- Plans submitted 9/24/21 and currently in review. 

Galloway is representing QuikTrip Corporation (QT). It is a convenience store with fuel sales (no overnight parking will be allowed). It is generally classified as a Commercial use and it is an allowed use by right within the PUD zoning. QT is under contract to purchase all of the subject property, which is approximately 12.016 acres. The subject site is vacant and is bounded by Baptist Road to the north, Terrazzo Drive to the east, Squadron Drive to the south and Old Denver Road (ROW) to the west.

Quick Trip Final Plat and Final PUD plan (Documents on Demand access)
DA.34-2021- Monument Junction Phase One PUD

Case Planner-Debbie Flynn, Planner II- Plans submitted 8/31/21 and currently in review by Planning. 

Classic Homes requests approval of a Preliminary/Final PUD Site Plan for Phase One of Monument Junction, which is the 39.837 acres east of Jackson Creek Parkway. The proposed development will comprise a mix of residential densities for a total of 204 new homes

Monument Junction Phase One (Documents on Demand access)

DA.31-2021-599 - Riviera Electric, LLC - PUD

Case Planner – Debbie Flynn, Planner II – Plans submitted 8/30/21 and currently in review.  

Riviera Electric, LLC PUD development is at 2190 Wolf Court. It is an existing platted lot containing 1.17 acres within Wolf Business Park.  This lot is vacant commercial land zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD). The application and request is for the approval of a PUD for the site. The owner intends to construct a 7,000 square foot building with offices and warehousing. It will also have outdoor storage, 16 parking spaces, paved drives, landscaping and storm water facilities to route storm water off the site. The warehouse and outside storage access will be from Wolf Court. 

Rivera Electric, PUD- Submittal 1 (Documents on Demand access)
A.33-2021-601 Higby Road Annexation

Case Planner – Meggan Herington – Petition for Annexation was submitted to the Town on July 26, 2021

The Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado, has submitted a Petition for Annexation for approximately 21.442 acres that is Higby Road right-of-way from the east line of Interstate 25 and continuing east to the end of the Town of Monument municipal boundary on the south of Higby Road which is the eastern edge of the Homeplace Ranch development. This extent of Higby Road is adjacent to the municipal boundary of the Town of Monument.

7/26/21 Higby road Annexation (Documents on Demand access)
DA.27-2021-595 - Conexus Business Park Phase 3 Preliminary and Final PD Site Plan
DA.28-2021-596 - Conexus Business Park Phase 3 - Final Plat

Case Planner-Meggan Herington-  The original Plan submittal was made on 06/18/21 and no plans have been resubmitted. When revised plans are received by the Town, they will be posted here.   

Bow River Capital Partners requests approval of a Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan and Final Plat for Conexus Business Park Phase 3, for use as a warehousing/distribution/flex center on 92.18 acres zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development -formerly PD). Conexus Phase 2 & 3 will create a development that focuses on warehousing, distribution, and flex uses that will provide for the distribution of goods and services to the region. The proposed development comprises six buildings ranging from 69,120 sf to 334,800 sf for a total of 1,076,940 sf of building areas on the site.

Connexus Business Park Filing 3-Submittal 1 (Documents on Demand access)

Developments approved by the Board of Trustees:

Additional information can be found on "Documents on Demand"

Date submitted Project Developer/Owner General Location Status
1/26/21 Monument Dental Clinic Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan WMG Development - Brian Schrock
745 West Baptist Road (Lot 3 of Monument Ridge) Approved on 5/3/21-Under construction
1/19/21 Wolf Business Park Filing No. 2, Lot 2 Final PD Site Plan Hammers Construction, Inc. - Lisa Peterson 
2168 Wolf Ct (Lot 2 of Wolf Business Park) Approved on 5/3/21- under construction
10/22/20  Village at Jackson Creek Preliminary PD Site Plan & Rezone Creekside Developers, Inc - Brett Behnke 719-522-0500,  46.973 acres located west of Jackson Creek parkway off of future westbound Harness & Cloverleaf Roads and bounded to the west by Interstate-25.  Approved on 4/5/21
10/21/20 Gleneagle Dental Preliminary/Final PD Site Plan Art C Klein Construction - Bruce Barr 719-570-6060; 0.71 acres at 925 West Baptist Road, Lot 13 Monument Ridge Final Plat Approved on 2/1/21-Under Construction
10/19/20 Elite Cranes Prelim/Final PD Site Plan Elite Cranes LLC - Stacie and Sam Lowry
940 Synthes Avenue Approved on 4/5/21- under construction
8/10/20   Jackson Creek North Filing 3-6, 390 Residences-Final Site Plan & Plats Mike Taylor Creekside Developers Inc., 719-357-9062 165 acres located near Clover Leaf Rd. off of Higby Rd. to west of Harness Rd Approved on 6/7/21

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