Project  General Location Status
Jackson Creek Townhomes Lyon's Tail & Jackson Creek Parkway Under Construction
Wagons West Final PD Site Plan & Plat Old Denver Hwy Under Construction

KFC Jackson Creek Parkway Approved
Jackson Creek Market Village Drive-Thru Restaturant NEC Baptist Rd & Jackson Creek Parkway Under Construction
Willow Springs Annexation & Sketch Plan Between Mitchell Ave & Baptist 
Rd/Forest Lakes Drive
Sanctuary Pointe, Filing No. 6 Plat Sanctuary Pointe BOT Sept 16
Cipriani Addition - PD Site Plan Cipriani Loop Under Construction
ABRA - Site Plan Jackson Creek Market Village Under Construction
Jackson Creek North, Filing No. 1 - Plat & Site Plan NWC Leather Chaps & Bowstring Rd Under Construction
Home Place Ranch - Preliminary Plan West of Higby Estates, South of Higby Rd BOT Sept 16
Monument Ridge - PD Site Plan SEC Baptist Rd & Struthers Rd Approved
St. Peter Rezone & Replat NWC Jefferson St & 1st St Approved
Monument Market Place North - Preliminary PD Site Plan SWC Jackson Creek Parkway & Harness Rd Approved
Ferrari Films - Final PD Site Plan & Plat SWC Jackson Creek Parkway & Harness Rd Approved
Jackson Creek North, Filing No. 2 - Plat NWC Harness Rd & Bowstring Rd Under Review
Conexus Business Park, Filing No. 1 - Final Plat Btwn I-25 & Old Denver Rd BOT Sept 16
Flying Horse Medical Office Building - Site Plan & Plat 77 Third Street Under Construction
Peak Equipment Rental 2124 Wolf Court BOT Sept 16
Sanctuary Pointe PHASE 3 Western most portion of Sanctuary Pointe Under Review

***This list is provided for general reference information only and should not be considered complete or all inclusive. Planning Staff is available to answer questions or discuss projects in greater depth. You may reach the Planning Department by calling 719-481-2954 or sending an email to Have you heard a rumor about something that isn't on this list? Reach out to Planning Staff for the facts on any projects or concerns. 


PIKES PEAK REGIONAL BUILDING -GIS site- For looking up your address for Assessor and Permit information. (link)