List of Candidates

Town of Monument 
Regular Municipal Election - April 7, 2020
(Three Trustees will be elected)

The official list of candidates will be posted on February 5, 2020. 
The list below includes contact information of individuals who have obtained a nomination petition from the Town Clerk. If there is a date listed in the "Date Filed" column, that is the date the circulated petition was filed with the Town Clerk. 
Record of Nomination Petition Pick-Up 
Regular Municipal Election - April 7, 2020 
#  Name  Address Phone  Email Date Filed
1T Allison Thompson 280 Saber Creek Dr 719-434-1849 01/22/2020
2T Mitchell LaKind 1060 Night Blue Cir 719-600-1201 01/17/2020
3T Ann Howe 15784 Agate Creek Dr 719-331-5747 

4T Jami Unruh 452 Talus Rd 316-494-3293  
5T Petition Spoiled         
6T Petition Spoiled        
7T Jim Romanello 16132 Old Forrest Point #300 661-877-7311