Permit forms and information

As of January 1, 2019, the Town of Monument requires a digital Excel permit application
No paper or PDFs will be accepted

For more information on Planning and Building Permits, go to "Planning Page"

Planning and Permitting help increase the resilience and investment value of a construction project, mitigate an occupant's health and safety during a disaster, protect the local tax base and ensures continuity of essential Town services. 

Permit process flowchart

Why Get a Permit

·   The law requires you to get a permit

·   Permits provide third-party verification that you (or the contractor you hired) did the work to minimum code requirements

·   Permits provide the homeowner with an inexpensive resource for construction-related needs

·   Permits give you access to expertise in all fields including plumbing, mechanical, electrical and framing

Important notes:


  • Open the permit application you wish to use from on this site.
  • Save a copy onto your computer and fully complete the application form.
  • Review the permit for its instructions of any additional documentation needs such as construction drawings and site plans or landscape documents etc.
  • Email the completed permit and all information to
  • We will review your request and contact you if there are any questions or concerns. (Please allow 3-5 business days).
  • Once the permit is approved, we will contact you for pick up and payment.
  • For payment you may come to the Town of Monument office at 645 Beacon Lite Rd. to pay with cash, check or credit card.
  • A copy of the approved permit will need to be signed at the time of payment and you will receive a receipt along with your copy of the permit.
  • Note that no work can begin until the permit is approved and issued                                                                                                   


 (Additional permit types and approvals may be needed based on the individual property and project)

Residential Home Improvements page (links)

New Construction and Development processes page (links)

Commercial permits (link)

All other construction/Engineering permits page (links)


The Town of Monument does require a business license for any work performed within the Town Limits. This can be applied for and paid at the Town offices or online-

You can also verify that your contractor has obtained a business license and a permit by calling the Town at 719.481.2954

Fees & Payment

Please keep in mind that location of the development may require additional fees, such as Triview. Visit the Maps page for the location maps of these districts.
You MUST pick up and pay for your permit only when approved.
You may pay by Cash, Check or Charge for the Town permits. Triview fees must be paid by Cash or Check only. No payment will be due at the time of submitting the permit because use tax (Town of Monument or Triview) will not be calculated until processing.  Payment can be made at the time of permit issuance.

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